Breast cancer in Accra, Ghana


  • SE Quayson
  • EK Wiredu
  • DN Adjei
  • JT Anim


Breast cancer, cancer types, cancer grade, lymph node status, Accra


The aim of this study was to look at the pattern of breast cancer over a period of five years and to compare the findings to similar studies done in the Department and elsewhere within the African sub-region. All breast cancers diagnosed in the Department of Pathology of the Korle Bu Teaching Hospital, Accra, over a 5-year period were compiled. The slides for the cases were retrieved and reviewed. Invasive ductal carcinomas were graded according to the Scarff-Bloom-Richardson’s grading system. The data were entered and analyzed using the EPI-Info microcomputer software (Version 3.5.1, 2008, Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Atlanta). Breast cancer in Accra is mostly of the ductal type or its variants affecting relatively younger age groups. The mean age of incidence of cancer in Ghana is 48 years, and about 67% have lymph node metastases (at least Stage II or N1) and 74% are of high grade at the time of diagnoses. The percentage of male breast cancers in Ghana is 2.9% (2.0 - 3.75% within the West African sub-region) and is higher than what is reported in Western literature. The results of this study show that there has been no im-provement in the stage at which patients present with breast cancer in the past 30 years.Keywords: Breast cancer, cancer types, cancer grade, lymph node status, Accra