Impact of physical activity levels and diet on central obesity among civil servants in Tamale metropolis

V Mogre, PP Mwinlenaa, J Oladele, A Amalba


This study sought to assess the prevalence of central obesity using Waist to Hip ratio as well as establishing the relationship between physical activity, diet and central obesity among civil serv-ants in the Tamale metropolis. This cross-sectional study was conducted between January and Ju-ly, 2011. One hundred and eighty six (186) subjects were involved with 121 being males and 65 be-ing females. The study participants were recruited from an adult population between the ages of 20-59 years. Dietary pattern was assessed using food frequency questionnaires whilst physical activity was determined using the WHO Global physical activity levels questionnaire. The prevalence of central obesity was found to be 31.2%. The prevalence of central obesity was significantly higher (p=0.031) among females (41.5%) compared to men (25.6%) and also increased with age (p<0.0001). The prevalence of obesity significantly decreased (p = 0.018) from 70.7% via 25.6% to 3.4% as the level of physical activity increased from low through moderate to high. There were no significant associations between dietary pattern and central obesity from this study. Central obesity from this study is high and more common in females. The level of physical activity appears to be a key determinant of the prevalence of central obesity in this study. Preventive actions such as exer-cise and active lifestyles have to be implemented to reduce the tendency for central obesity in this population in particular and the general Ghanaian populace at large.

Keywords: WHR, Civil Servants, Physical Activity, Diets, Tamale  

Journal of Medical and Biomedical Sciences (2012) 1(2), 1-9

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