Cardiovascular Parameters of Nigerian Physiotherapy Students Dur-ing an End of Semester Examination


  • AY Oyeyemi
  • TI Atama
  • A Lawan
  • AL Oyeyemi


Cardiovascular problems, Examination, Students, professional, Nigeria


Examination and tests are routine academic task during which students engage in mental exercis-es, writing, and/or practical demonstrations under pressure with stress placed on the cardiovascu-lar system. This study was aimed at investigating the cardiovascular parameters of students before, during and after an examination. The baseline hear rate (HR) and blood pressures (BPs) of 75 un-dergraduates physiotherapy students in a Nigerian university were measured one month to the be-ginning of a second semester examination, and also before, during and after a session of test in core subjects. This study shows higher HR, and systolic and diastolic BPs5 minutes to the start of the examination compared to the baseline resting values. This heightened cardiovascular parame-ters remained steady until the time remaining till the end of exam was announced, when the pa-rameters spiked to levels higher than both the baseline and pre-examination levels. While the sys-tolic, diastolic and mean arterial BPs returned to baseline levels shortly before or at about 15 minutes after exam, HR and rate pressure product did not return to the baseline levels 15 minutes after examination. Cardiovascular parameters were higher few minutes before exam than the base-line resting values and continue so until the remaining time left for the exam was announced. Fu-ture studies on aerobic fitness and physiological adaptations conferred by exercises and regular physical activity can influence cardiovascular parameters during examination are suggested.Keywords: Cardiovascular problems, Examination, Students, professional, Nigeria