Ear canal papilloma in a 20 year old Ghanaian male

T. Adjeso, E. Siale, Y.N. Agyeman, O. Owusu-Afriyie


Squamous papilloma in the head and neck region commonly affects the skin, oral mucosa and upper aerodigestive tract. Ear canal papillomas are relatively rare worldwide, even more uncommon in the West African subregion. We report a twenty year old Ghanaian male seen with ear canal papilloma at our clinic in Kumasi, Ghana. Diagnosis was essentially by histopathology and follow up revealed no recurrence.

Journal of Medical and Biomedical Sciences (2016) 5(1), 32-35

Keywords: Cauliflower mass, Squamous Papilloma, KATH, Ghana


Cauliflower mass, Squamous Papilloma, KATH, Ghana

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